Captivating Instagram Advertisement Campaigns

A Helping Hand
The Spotify advertising and marketing team was entrusted with developing “hyper-local material” to advertise Discover Weekly. So, they collaborated with fellow Australian company People, which links brands and also influencers (People defines an Influencer as a person with 3000+ followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook). People allows brands to publish innovative briefs to a segment of influencers, from which influencers can pick to develop sponsored articles.

By doing this, Spotify gained a selection of creative content from neighborhood influencers that really felt “funny, on-brand, authentic, as well as absolutely Australian” that they utilized to run their campaign. Due to the fact that the photos they chose were experiences from actual users in Australia, Aussie Instagrammers found it easy to relate to the advertisements.

Using influencers in your Instagram projects can be a wonderful way to reveal individuals what it’s like to use your product from a different – and also usually more “genuine” – point of view. Possible consumers frequently take endorsements heavily right into account when making purchase decisions, and advertising web content from influencers relevant to the customers will go a long way in the direction of boosting your integrity.

To celebrate the sports beverage’s 50th wedding anniversary, Gatorade revived their hit advertising and marketing campaign “Be Like Mike,” an industrial featuring basketball player Michael Jordan that originally broadcast in 1992. Besides broadcasting it throughout the 49th Super Bowl in 2015, Gatorade selected to include their revitalized ad campaign on Instagram, which, as Jeff Miller (Supervisor of Digital Strategy at Gatorade) put it, “was the perfect solution since the project is extremely visual.”

Gatorade updated their Instagram project to include the hashtag #BeLikeMike alongside image ads of Michael Jordan and also made use of Facebook’s (Instagram ads run on Facebook’s system) targeting tools to reach over 4.5 million consumers on the social platform.

Much like Spotify, Gatorade included photos from Instagram fans who wished to #BeLikeMike. As Jeff Miller placed it, the firm was “aiming to engage with user-generated content, and also Instagram offered [it] an actually natural method to do that.”